Events and Teams

Both Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa enjoy being involved in the community.  They volunteer services and support to a number of events and teams.  Some of their favorites are below.

The Bulls, sponsored by Wadsworth Chiropractic, at the end of their undefeated season!  Awesome job guys!

Dr. Joe doing active release therapy on an athlete at the North Coast 24 hour Endurance Run National Championship. These athletes run for 24 hours straight!

Wadsworth Chiropractic is pleased to sponsor the Player of the Week award for multiple teams of the Wadsworth youth football program. Young athletes receive a shirt for their efforts, leadership, and positive attitude on the field.

Dr. Joe and Dr. John at the Akron Marathon finish line, putting runners back together after a tough 26.2 mile run.  Dr. John is a friend from chiropractic school and a fellow runner who practices down south.  He flew up to lend a hand at one of the best marathons around.  Dr. Joe and Dr. John worked on runners for over 6 hours!

Dr. Lisa and staff members enjoy an Open House for Wadsworth Chiropractic celebrating Dr. Joe's award for Best Chiropractor in Medina County as chosen by public vote in the Medina Gazette.