Congrats to our student athletes!

Congrats to our student athletes on their outstanding seasons and thank you for letting us be a part of it.  We treat a number of student athletes from just about every sport you can name and are always so thrilled when they have a great season.  Balancing school and sports requires dedication, commitment, and responsibility so we are also proud of what wonderful young adults these athletes have become.  Our two young Wadsworth runners exemplify outstanding student athletes.  Both excelled academically and athletically this year.  We loved hearing about their cross country meets each visit and getting updates through the season.  Thanks to their families for use of the photo and thank you for letting us be a part of the excitement of the season.

Redefine Your Limits

On her 40th birthday Dr. Lisa ran in the Akron Marathon.  Although she has done marathons in the past, this one was special because it fell on an important milestone.  Not only was it her birthday; this also marks a phase in her life where Dr. Lisa gets to be older than her mother ever had a chance to be.  Dr. Lisa's mom passed away from breast cancer at 41.  Her 40th year was her last complete year of life.  Dr. Lisa has run in her mom's memory and for various charities...but this race was just for celebrate that she is healthy enough to run 26.2 miles!  Dr. Lisa considers age a privilege, not a burden.  It is a privilege for her to be in a position to set an example for redefining limits and setting new personal goals. 

We take the pain out of the game


Courtesy Romm Photography

Thanks to the Randolph family for the use of photo

Sports injuries can happen at any level.  It is very important to have them treated "sooner than later" to avoid chronic problems.  This is especially true of contact sports and young athletes.  Both Drs. Joe and Lisa Herbert treat athletes of all ages and abilities...from weekend warrior to professional level.  Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa are athletes themselves and have a deep respect for an individual's commitment to their goals.  Dr. Joe also has his certification in Active Release Therapy which is a specialty technique favored by elite level athletes for soft tissue injuries.  You can go to for more information on this ground breaking therapy.   Our football player, Bart, in the photograph well illustrates just how rough sports can be.  He had been suffering from chronic stingers, something Dr. Joe could identify with from his years playing college football.  Our goals at Wadsworth Chiropractic are two fold; to get you out of pain and to help you prevent long term problems from arising.  Bart's stingers responded well to care and he is back on the playing field.  There was also a special emphasis on patient education to help him learn how to avoid future problems; so his hits on the field now don't leave a lasting impression on him later in his life. 

Wadsworth Chiropractic has also had the priveledge of providing care for althletes of all sports.  Most recently at the Akron Marathon and  the North Coast 24 hour National Endurance Run Championship.  They have also recently been asked to provide care at the Burning River 100 mile race and the Running with Scissors Double Marathon.  So whether you enjoy a weekend round of golf or are under the Friday night lights like our young model in the photo; our office is here to keep you game ready.


Keep the Shine in your Golden Years

 Your golden years should have some shine but sometimes arthritis, aches, and pains have a way of tarnishing them a little.  Our office is honored to treat many seniors in our community.  By keeping joints mobile the effects of arthritis can be greatly reduced.  As the old saying goes...the rolling stone gathers no moss.  Well, the mobile joint gathers less arthritis.  Our young at heart models recently celebrated a wonderful milestone; their 60th wedding anniversary.  We wish them many more years of health and happiness...not to mention fun on their anniversary trip to Hawaii! 

Feel like a kid again!

Remember when you used to feel like these guys;  boundless energy and feeling indestructible?  The advantage of youth is that you bounce back quickly from injuries.  However, small injuries accumulated over time can add up to problems in adulthood.  This is especially true if your child is involved in sports.  Dr. Joe  and Dr. Lisa have training in pediatric chiropractic and work with many young patients, so be sure to have your little ones checked.  It's just like taking your children to the go for check ups to avoid bigger problems down the road.  On the flip side of the age scale...if you've forgotten what it feels like to "feel good", you are long overdue for an adjustment.  Staying well aligned reduces wear and tear on joints which also reduces pain and slows down degeneration. Many thanks to our young models (affectionately reffered to as "The Crew" by Dr. Lisa) and their families for the use of the photo.

Lead the Pack

 Patient John Minen (the guy in the lead!) is a gifted runner who recently ran in the NCAA Division I Regional Finals.  That's big time!  John continues to develop as a runner and as a student (he hopes to be a chiropractor someday!).  As  athletes like John train, they push their bodies to the limit.  Nutrition and proper care of their body is essential to meeting goals and staying injury free.  Proper alignment not only reduces the frequency of injury but it can also improve performance.  In our office we've had the privilege of working with athletes from all class to weekend warriors.  We've treated athletes from high school, college, professional and even Olympic level.  We've also treated athletes whose goal is to simply stay healthy... and we treat all levels of athletes with the same level of care because  we feel that the respect lies in the effort not necessarily in the performance.  So what ever your goals are we'll help you get there.  Dr. Joe is also certified in Active Release Technique or ART which was recently written about in Running Times magazine.  Many elite athletes rely on ART to keep them healthy.  You can read more about ART on our Athlete's page or on our Links page.

Get Back in the Saddle Again

Sue is a very active person who loves to ride her horse.  Hip pain has been preventing her from doing what she loves...riding.  After some encouragement from her husband she sought care at our office.  She is a self described "scaredy cat" and was afraid getting worked on might hurt.  Several treatments later there was significant improvement in the range of motion in her hip and pain has been reduced somewhat but not enough to the point she could ride.  Now what?  At our office, getting you back to doing what you love is important to us and that is why we have developed a large network over the years of area specialists that we work with and refer to if necessary.  Sue's hip has required some additional diagnostics and a referral to a hip specialist to help her get back in the saddle again.  Sometimes complicated cases require a "team" of people to help and we have a good working relationship with doctors and therapists that we feel are the best in their respective fields to help you get better.  

Joe and Lisa's boys, Jackson and Jacob

We treat you like family.

We treat you like family at our office.  These handsome models are our family; our two sons.  In our office, we believe in quality time with patients.  We have revived the lost art of truly talking with patients and feel that the majority of your time at a doctor's appointment should be spent with the doctor...not the staff.  We strive to make our office feel like an extension of our home.  Come see what makes our office unique.

Get more Back in your Backswing!

Golf is a sport that relies on technique, speed, strength, and alignment.  So does chiropractic!  A good chiropractor knows how to tailer treatment to an individual patient, much like how a golfer knows how to read his shot.  We've worked with golfers of all ability levels and understand that golf is serious business.  So whether you are a competitive golfer like our very talented model, Austin Schreiber (Medina High School's golf standout) or a social golfer who just likes to stay fit, our goal is to keep you on the greens.  Proper alignment of the spine and hips is so important to a golf swing because, as any golfer knows, much of the power of your swing comes from the lower half of your body.  Proper alignment is also important in regards to the accuracy of your shot.  Many thanks to Austin and his family for the use of his photo and we wish him much success as he soon pursues both his studies and golf on the collegiate level.

Feel like a kid again.

Hannah Daulbaugh came to our office for issues related to gymnastics.  Hannah is a very active third grader and a dedicated gymnast.  She was having difficulty achieving a new skill at her gym.  There was concern that there maybe an issue of inflexibility of her shoulder girdle.  After evaluation by Dr. Lisa it was determined that Hannah had some flexibility issues as well as some muscle weakness in her upper back muscles.  Hannah was treated and given a home exercise program to help develop more strength in the areas that she needed to work on.  Hannah was a perfect patient and did her stretching and exercise program every day.  She also followed up with adjustments to make sure her alignment was good.  It was not long before Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa received a very happy phone call from Hannah's mom that Hannah had successfully achieved her new skill.  Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa were both proud of how dedicated Hannah was to her care and how hard she worked to reach her goal.  Congrats to Hannah!

For all stages and ages....

This ad illustrates the importance and benefits of chiropractic care through all stages fo life.  Our "models" are Dr. Lisa's father Stephen and Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa's oldest son Jacob.  Both have been treated in our of the perks in having a chiropractor in the family.  Children benefit greatly from care because it helps prevent problems later in life as well as help with sports injuries, scoliosis, and some studies suggest care even helps reduce the frequency of ear infections.  Children are treated differently from adults and it's important that you chose a chiropractor with experience with children, especially infants.  Adults obviously benefit from care to help "un -do" the effects of life.  Stress headaches, herniated discs, strains, sports injuries....the list is endless.  We are proud to say that Jacob is rarely ill and has never had an ear infection.  In our house you'll often hear "Mom, Dad, I need adjusted!".  This is especially true in Pee Wee football season!  Steve uses chiropractic to help keep aches and pains away from his days playing semi-pro football and raising a family.


photo credit: Ed Meyer Photography of Wadsworth

Discover  your inner athlete...

Featured Patient: Known as Niki to friends and family, Nicolle Valentine, is a young woman that would make any parent or community proud to call their own.  Niki is an honor student, a member of the National Honor Society, and Student Athlete Scholar for both track and cheerleading.  Niki has received a scholarship for Ashland University and will be attending there next year as a pre-med major.  Niki has been seen in our office for chronic upper back pain and tightness attributed to several injuries.  Her condition was compounded by the fact that she is so studious; increased time at the computer, heavy back packs, school can really contribute to chronic muscle tension.  With chiropractic care, Niki was able to get back to her normal activities and is experiencing less pain.  We look forward to seeing her out on the track this spring!  Good luck Niki!