Favorite Links

For direct log in to your worker's compensation information click on the link below.  Be sure to have your work comp claim number available


For more information about Medina County's only non-profit running club for individuals of all ages and abilities click on the link below.


For ladies only... Many of our female patients have upper back tightness and headaches as a result of poor support.  The Enell sports bra is an amazing support garment that will change the way you think about being active.  There is the traditional model that is the most supportive and then there are lite versions.  Our suggestion is to call them before ordering because they have their own sizing system. 


Active Release Technique is a technique that was developed by a chiropractor and veteran of 40 Ironman triathlons.  It is a very effective technique that produces fast results.  For more information on how A.R.T. can help things like plantar fascitis, shin splints, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome and more, click on the link below