We believe in community and love being involved.  Our office volunteers services or serves as sponsors for many local groups.  We are also a stadium sponsor for the new stadium at Wadsworth High School and donate each year to supply the football program with team camp t-shirts. 

Soccer season, baseball season, football season, whatever the season, it seems like we're always on the go!  Dr. Lisa believes in REAL food and hasn't eaten fast food since 2004.  Her children are allowed fast food once in a very great while, but have really grown up not "wanting" it.  With a little planning, a busy family can eat healthy even on the go.  

When in the office feel free to ask Dr. Lisa for healthy meal suggestions.  She'll even give you her Pinterest information to follow her.  As mentioned in her bio she has done cooking contests and is published in several cookbooks including the Annual Best of Taste of Home.  She is a very good cook and Dr. Joe will attest to that.