We Won't Do It!

We have had lots of questions from new patients regarding treatment plans as of late.  It seems that many chiropractic offices will "sell" patients long treatment plans, some up to six months.  Patients are even required to sit down with the office's Financial Planner.  We won't do that.  It has never made sense to us to tell someone that they need to be seen X number of times for X number of weeks.  Cookie cutter treatment plans are often very generalized and tend towards overtreatment of a patient.  

We know that your time and money are valuable to you; and since we don't have a crystal ball, we can't tell you what you may or may not need six months from now.  What we can tell you is this, it is nonsensical to have the same treatment plan for a patient that is 86 and a patient that is 36.  We base our treatment on outcome assessment.  Each time we meet with you, we will evaluate several things...how well are your bones moving, how do the muscles feel, what is your perception of the quality and quantity of your pain, and more.  As you improve, we try to space out the time between visits; weaning you from care.  It is natural to expect that you will be seen more frequently in the early stages of treatment.

We, of course, are fans of preventitive care.  Many patients learn that they ultimately need to see us less often if they pop in from time to time for a "tune up".  Patients with chronic issues also learn that they do much better with occasional appointments.

Lastly, we operate under the philosophy of "don't be a jack of all trades and master of none".  We can have an educated discussion with patients regarding things like nutrition, weight loss, supplements, natural hormone therapy, physical therapy, etc.  We also are educated on these subjects enough to know that a patient is best served by seeing a practitioner that is truly an expert in their field.  That's why you'll never have pushy sales in our office regarding nutritional supplements and other programs.  If you have a need to seek adjunct care in a specific field; we have a wide range of great referral sources to help you out.  Our job is to help you feel better.  If we feel that you are not improving as quickly as we'd expect or that you need treatment from a different type of specialist, then part of our job is to also help you find that specialist to get you on the road to recovery.